20 Reasons I Am a Feminist // Carly Trask-Kuchta

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I can be like Buzzfeed! Here's my list of reasons why I'm a feminist:

1) All of the hatred that Caitlyn Jenner has received for her brave, courageous transition. She is allowed to be recognized for her bravery because it is brave to be who you truly are on the inside. That is not a threat to anyone. Transgender discrimination exists globally, and that is a feminist issue.

2) Because women are still making less than men monetarily, and are treated as less than men in professional settings. (IT'S LEGIT 2015 WHY ARE WOMEN STILL MAKING 77 CENTS TO EVERY DOLLAR A MAN MAKES)

3) "Throwing like a girl" is an insult that people of all sexes use when someone has athletic "difficulties."

4) Being called "fat" is an insult, not an adjective about a person's body. The overwhelming truth of this statement applies to women more so than men. Calling a woman "fat" in our society somehow cuts right to a woman's soul and is just as much a comment on her identity and personhood as it is about her body.

5) Women are often viewed in terms of their physical appearance, and this physical appearance is often attached to society's view of a woman's inner worth.

6) One of the top songs on the radio earlier in 2015 was a song called "Cheerleader," where the chorus is straight-up about a man choosing to not cheat on his girlfriend because she's his "cheerleader." Supporting your boyfriend is not a bad thing. But, it should be equal. And not the only reason to stay with a person. Plus, he talks about how great he is in a variety of ways throughout the song...and always coming back to having a beautiful "cheerleader" on his sidelines.

7) Tess Holliday is the first size-22 plus-size model. The mere representation of a different body size in the media and the fashion industry is enough to have people state that she's "promoting obesity." Seeing someone who is obese, or who is not a "typical" model does not mean that these people are "promoting" an unhealthy lifestyle. It means we get to see a diversity of bodies. We have no idea what another person's health and lifestyle is by merely looking at them. Saying that having a curvy person in the media is promoting obesity is like saying that looking at a model who always wears a red shirt is promoting that everyone should wear red shirts forever-and- always-amen.

8) Child prostitution exists.

9) Women are being raped and then being blamed for being raped.

10) Slut-shaming exists.

11) A woman's sexuality is always up for a debate: is she being too sexy? Should she wear that? Why does she like sex so much? Does she like sex too little? Why are the answers to these questions other people's decisions? (the answer to the last question = why Carly is a feminist)

12) Modesty debates exist within conservative Christian circles. I hate them. I hate them with a fiery passion. No. No modesty debates.

13) Not only does equality amongst sexes not exist (across all mediums), people actually argue against equality of the sexes.

14) I have gone to Christian colleges in undergrad and in grad school, and it amazes me how the Bible is theologically interpreted and skewed so that women are the lesser sex, or the weaker sex. More on this in my next point.

15) While I do not have a complementarian perspective on marriage and do not practice it in my own marriage, I want to respect how other people's marriages work for them. However, I cannot support a Biblical interpretation that endorses that all women need to serve all men. Even if you interpret the key passages in Ephesians and 1 Timothy as women need to be helpmeets, it applies to one's husband, not to all of mankind.

16) There is a theme in society where women are perceived as dumber than men, and somehow it's acceptable flirting if one acts stupid or like we need to be taught about various subjects.

17) People criticize lesbian relationships because they don't understand how both women can be romantically involved if there isn't a man in the relationship; unless it's lesbian porn - that's somehow more acceptable.

18) We have yet to have a female president for IDIOTIC reasons.

19) The sexual objectification of women along with women only being presented in the media as their sexuality and for sexual purposes...women are completely judged not only based on their physicality, but also on their perceived sexuality.

20) Young girls are sending naked pictures of themselves at the demand of their boyfriends or other guys, and then these guys are sending these pictures around to their friends...this is slut- shaming, blackmailing, humiliating, and disgusting all into one. Feminist issue. Must empower my young girls. Because this drives me crazy.

When women openly state that they are feminists they are perceived as men-haters, crazy, and bitches. I have personally experienced these judgments, and I'm sure I am getting some of these responses from this blog post. But, it makes me wonder, why is a woman who is fighting for the equality across sexes and genders not allowed to be angry about the persistent inequality that still exists? I am allowed to be angry and still be a good person. I can be a feminist and be angry. I am allowed to exist equally alongside all people because I am powerful and human, and that is a basic right, as a woman, that I am fighting for. 

Written by Carly Trask-Kuchta


  1. Sorry but your first reason is really disappointing,there is no such natural thing as being born with a ''female or ''male'' mind! And sadly transgenderism both reflects and reinforces all of the very common sexist,gender myths,gender roles and gender stereotypes in the very sexist,artificially gender divided,gender stereotyped male dominated society.

    And it's the woman-hating male dominated society that is so crazy and wrong,and women have every justified rational reason to hate most men back,men created the whole sick,woman-hating male dominated society we all live in,and most men hate women for *no rational reasons*,and what is so incomprehensible,cruel,and irrational,is that men are born from *women,and nurtured by *women*.Its' exactly the same thing,if Jews gave birth to Nazis,and Black people gave birth to white racist Ku Klux Klan members,and had to have sexual and ''romantic'' relationships with them and marry them,except they can't give birth to them and they don't have to or are expected to have any ''romantic'' relationships with them!

    And most women have been kind to their sons,fathers,brothers,male friends,and to men in general even though most men hate women for nothing,and have done such cruel,horrible injustices,and violence towards women for 1000's of years!


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