Mad Max: Fury Road

After hearing much discussion about Mad Max being a feminist movie, I decided I had to see the movie for myself. I have to say I was rather impressed with the movie. First of all Charlize Theron was a total hero. Her character was an awesome example of empowerment. Not only was her name Furiosa, but she was the antithesis of society’s idea of how “women should be.” She could fight as well, if not better than the men, she drove a huge military vehicle, she had a shaved head, and she was unafraid to take a stand for the rights of the women in this post-apocalyptic society. Another noteworthy moment was that she did not fall in love with anyone in the movie, as is typical of most movies. Also, Charlize Theron spoke out when someone asked if the movie was somewhat feminist: Check it out here.  

Something else that made the movie more intriguing to me was that I heard some controversy from men’s rights advocates and other men (claiming not to be men’s rights advocates) complain that the movie was disguised as an action movie to trick men into watching feminist propaganda. There have been people stating they will boycott the movie. Immediately, I thought “I have to see this.” I honestly do not see why Mad Max would be offensive to men. The movie does portray women as equally powerful and allows women to be part of the whole movie. How is that bad? There are many articles that can be found on the topic through google, but here is just one that I found: Check it out here.  

There have been many setbacks this year regarding the feminist movement (e.g. new rules regulating abortions), however keeping feminism as part of the conversation in society is a good start. It is my hope that we will begin fighting back more and more, movies and songs will continue propagating equality, respect, and even admiration for women and all people, and that we can move forward in society.

 - Written By Savannah LeBarre

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