THE TALK BACK: Black Women and Physical Beauty - Who's Defining Who?

This week, a great number of women around the country used their voices, Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles and emails to respond to a disturbing article published by Psychology Today. The article asked why Black women were less physically attractive than other women. There are several problems with the article, from the scientific merit of the author’s methodology & unsupported interpretation of the resulting data to the widespread dissemination of an individual philosophy that promotes negative race-based evaluations. Though the article has since been removed from the publisher’s website the outcry is far from over.

In response to those calls for action, FemPop is publishing a series of talk-backs to explore this issue. We look forward to an active discussion and hope that this will be but a first step toward using our skills to combat media and ideas that devalue women, and promote those that elevate us.

Let's get started! 

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